Sunday, October 23, 2011

weeds of fall

So, l thought I would try and contribute here too. I am hoping that this format will be more inviting to my mother and more useful in communicating with my grandmother. Kable.

"And now I shall instance ina few things commonly accounted useless and unprofitable, as in stinking weeds and poisonous plants, how they were not created in vain, but have their uses. They wouldn't be without their use if they were good for nothing else but to exercise the industry of man to weed them out, he who had nothing to struggle with, thefire of his spirit would be half extinguished in the flesh. "- William Coles ( naturalist )1657

Today l cleaned up our neglected vegetable garden. The boys and l harvested (gleaned really ) the last of the tomatoes and chilli, pulled up the plants and started to prepare the ground for a cover crop. Our corn patch which has been untouched for a month or more was choked with weeds. Clearing them was difficult but among the nightshade and foxtail I found some stinging nettles which I set aside. Later, after making hotsauce from the chillies and taking Isaiah to boyscouts, Emily and I blanched them and froze a gallon bag full for consumption later.I'll let youknow

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