Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Still photo-uploading-less....

Life this week is a bit different. Isaiah is home sick, so it feels like a Kable-less weekend. I seem to be moving...very...slowly....

I go to bed each night with thoughts of farming (we have been watching Joel Salatin on youtube), being super productive and being in front of the computer less....

But then, multiple night time visitors later: including (but not limited to) playmobile horses, several boys complaining that Miss (the cat) in biting (cat in question is sitting suspiciously close to heads), and the Miss herself who seems to be craving affection, and even the dog (who is NOT allowed up), jumped on me early this morning to express the urgency of his need to go outside...NOW. I feel tired, grumpy and totally devoid of drive. It is 10:15, I am still in my PJs and have not even started FLYing . Thank goodness for grace. From Him who died for me mostly, but also from him who goes to work for me, and from those entrusted to my care. Yet it is hard to be gracious to myself.

Wishing you a productive day,


  1. Oh dear, we've all had days (and nights!) like this - my tip? Do ONE thing in the day that makes you feel like just the greatest farmer in the world.
    Just one little thing.
    It'll carry you through!

  2. Good thought. I did my basic getting dressed (!) making beds, and even went on to a few other tasks....