Friday, April 30, 2010

A moment

{a moment} ~ a Friday ritual inspired by Amanda Soule

Saturday, April 17, 2010

House 'Set'

My Grandmother and Aunt's house 'to here' in one day!
It was fun to be there to see this part.
The boys enjoyed their dear ones and the dirt piles:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Day

Today is another exciting day.
This house is getting lifted on to this foundation and all connected together

We thought it would happen last week, than this we're ready. We've been doing other things.

Trying to catch butterflies

Lots of walks to see the cows near our current house
Playing in the backyard
(anything with wheels makes Moshe happy at the moment)
And forgetting to put up pics of my Easter Scene;)
I have been dreaming of this project for a few years. Finally, last Lent we made the tombs with our generous potter friends, Paul & Amber.
I was stumped on the people, though, 'til my friend Emily arrived and showed me how to make Felt Wee Folk. They are fun and easy to make, even if I ignore faces and hair and am not that creative. Check out Emily's gorgeous Easter scene here.

The boys did enjoy seeing and touching the scene, and so did their Dad.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Washington Street

I will miss the sunsets
- a lot.

Someone wants to go for a walk:)

{Yay for a fun package from dear friends far away}

Finally, we have daffodils at this house, and so many other fun plants emerging
- leaving is a little bittersweet.
Its taken us so long to get things going, and now its almost time to go.

We planted these seeds on a glorious St Patrick's Day, and now they're up!
My camera batteries died before I could take a picture of the raspberry vines...
I do wish I could take them with me
But there are so many beautiful things where we are going, plus a bigger house and a [much] bigger yard, and ponds. It will be so much fun.
But this the our first owned house, where two of the boys were born
and is loved with all its faults.

Easter @ the farm

We had a lovely Easter afternoon at the farm.
It was gorgeous weather (almost hot while we were walking around!)

{this is the house we hope to move into soon}
We had Mediteranean lamb kebabs for lunch.

Then, started working on the [easier] 'daffodil' egg hunt to find our first clue...

Elihu was the main hunter on this one:)

{Star magnolia and forsythia blooming together between the houses}

We the began the treasure hunt style egg hunt. Kable had spent a lot of time writing Bible verse clues to different well-known spots on the farm.
{Boys running down to 'snake' pond}

View out to the 'oil' well

Boys playing peek-a-boo along the way
-up from the 'reeds'

View up to the farmhouse.
Can you see it through the trees?

{photo by Isaiah}
Heading out to the 'apple' trees
We had a memorable day:)