Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Washington Street

I will miss the sunsets
- a lot.

Someone wants to go for a walk:)

{Yay for a fun package from dear friends far away}

Finally, we have daffodils at this house, and so many other fun plants emerging
- leaving is a little bittersweet.
Its taken us so long to get things going, and now its almost time to go.

We planted these seeds on a glorious St Patrick's Day, and now they're up!
My camera batteries died before I could take a picture of the raspberry vines...
I do wish I could take them with me
But there are so many beautiful things where we are going, plus a bigger house and a [much] bigger yard, and ponds. It will be so much fun.
But this the our first owned house, where two of the boys were born
and is loved with all its faults.


  1. There will be lots of sad things about you leaving! You will be missed!

  2. Thanks:)

    We always knew we'd miss our wonderful friends and church family, but our little house and weird yard? But, now, I do feel a bit sad, the land and the plants I've planted and the boys lives do have a hold of me. Even as we are thrilled about the future.