Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Day

Today is another exciting day.
This house is getting lifted on to this foundation and all connected together

We thought it would happen last week, than this we're ready. We've been doing other things.

Trying to catch butterflies

Lots of walks to see the cows near our current house
Playing in the backyard
(anything with wheels makes Moshe happy at the moment)
And forgetting to put up pics of my Easter Scene;)
I have been dreaming of this project for a few years. Finally, last Lent we made the tombs with our generous potter friends, Paul & Amber.
I was stumped on the people, though, 'til my friend Emily arrived and showed me how to make Felt Wee Folk. They are fun and easy to make, even if I ignore faces and hair and am not that creative. Check out Emily's gorgeous Easter scene here.

The boys did enjoy seeing and touching the scene, and so did their Dad.


  1. I like them better without faces! And your clothes are perfect. Did you see I've had (several) requests for more want to start a little side business?! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Em:)
    I'm hoping to tell Paul and Amber and see if they are up to making some more. I'd like making more people. It is the one kind of busiess I can imagine. The time investment is overwhelming at this point, though.