Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Paddy's Day

Spring is [almost] here!

My boys think it is:)

Now that we are outiside a lot and inside a little and my summer obligations are racing towards me, I feel...totally overwhelmed. Between packing, readying this house to be rented, and some other things I said 'yes' to, well, I wanted to just sit down and worry yesterday. Luckily, I didn't!

Moshe was sick so Kable took the morning off so I could go to "Something for Moms", and lead our book study. When I got home he got a taste of my mood and took the afternoon off too! It was a sweet treat. We got our St Patrick's Day seeds planted (onions, spinach, lettuce and peas)
and I got to make Nigella Lawson's Irish Stew and Best Recipe's Irish Soda Bread.

We also took one small step in packing - getting all of the boys clothes that will not be needed in the next six monthes to my mom's house. We have a lot of clothes in every size and season from my maternity clothes to boys' size 8, including shoes and coats! A small but satisfying step.

We are all waiting for the big hole in the ground that means Grandma and Aunt S's house has been started and this is not a dream...

Happy Spring!

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