Friday, March 19, 2010

Reduce Clutter

In my daily blog browse I followed Shivaya to Bernadette to Shannon and found some inspiration (see sidebar pin: 'Reduce Clutter Create Space 2010') to start my sorting/packing before I talk myself into insanity.

My Friday-morning-Bob-Evans-Ladies helped too:) We were talking about how Jesus shook-up Sabbath from the book "Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity" by Keri Wyatt Kent and making sure we are carrying His [easy] yolk not someone else's [heavy] yolk.

"Lord, help me to do the tasks before me, as though I am doing them for You (and they are all for You). Amen."

Have some wonderful sunshine!

P.S. - This blog took a ridiculously long time to write! Working out how to quickly add links may be the work of days [read: weeks, months]. I am hoping to be able to put up lots of links and funny little things in the sidebars as I love other peoples. I am also planning to post my blog on Facebook, a big public step for me as Kable is currently my only reader!

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