Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 review

It has big year for us it started with a LOT of snow.

January & February 2010
Moshe is starting to enjoy it, and warm socks and hand knit mittens
and good snow boots seem to be helping the big boys' stamina now....

January 2010
I moved WAY out of my crafting comfort zone starting with this doll and its clothes. It was a Christmas present for Moshe was was finished around Epiphany....

March 2010
Elihu and Isaiah in one of their favorite climbing trees.
They are still looking for the perfect one near the farm house....

May 2010
Another project beyond my skills, but it turned out great, and it was fun
to have my first ever Sheep & Fiber Fest Project.
What to knit for this year??

Late May 2010
Isaiah's preschool graduation. A strange idea, but the end one an era for Isaiah.

Summer 2010
The time for the boys to conquer hurdles.
Isaiah mastered monkey bars and went on to skipping one bar in between and then going back and forth more than 20 times!
Isaiah & Elihu learned to ride bikes without training wheels.
The boys first terrified of swimming, and by August were little fish.

Waiting, waiting
Trying to get our old house ready to leave. A load of gravel.
Oh why didn't we get it three years ago?!

Idlewild Park
We enjoyed some mini vacations which were fun for all of us

August 2010
Isaiah's first day of kindergarten! And the beginning of my daily drives while we wait....

October 2010
A walk on the farm. We moved in and realized
it takes a while for everything to find its place....

November 2010
We did some dog-sitting to add to the chaos. Sam and Annie (the two yellow labs) were a delight, as always.

December 2010
This little black cat, Little Miss, appeared at the door with the first snow.
We all love her...except the other cat.

Why didn't I have a pic of the dog who arrived first???

Found one; this is Tiger, our 'new' 10 year old cockerspaniel poodle cross. Aka Ta-tee (as some of us think 'Tiger' an odd name for a dog)....

December 2010
Kitchen window with marmalade and bird feeders.
You can see Nana and Aunt's kitchen door from here, too on the far right.

Our new home and lovely snow. Yay, we are finally here!
Enjoying family very near, more space, lovely walks, sledding, ice skating and skiing.

Happy 2011!

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