Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day @ the Farm

Chimney of the farmhouse

There has been progress on Nanna and Aunt's new house, but it has been too slow for almost all of us...we've all been trying to stay busy. Kable and I have lots of things to do here, mostly our church's Vacation Bible School for me, and running for us:) Nanna has been enjoying reading through letters from her parents and Grandpa's mother; she says its been like a visit with them (they have been dead for many years). Mom, Aunt, and Nanna have been sorting/packing.

The new well for the farmhouse
They hit water at about 35 feet!

We all (4 generations!) helped plant the garden at the farm
which both houses and my mom will share.

The corn is up and everything is growing!

The field below the garden (by Isaiah)
So, on Fathers Day, we went up to play and check out the apple trees, and we found black raspberries and raspberries!

These are the only berry all of the boys like picking and eating.

We did both.

One day, I hope there will be berry pie
and berry jam and berry sauce.
This June, we're having berries on ice cream:)

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